Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hi guys! It's Zoë here. took photos in a different place this week--fancied a change. This outfit is more casual but I loooove my jumper and acoustic guitar shirt/blouse! 

I set up a lookbook this week, check it out!

Jumper -- Peacocks
Acoustic guitar shirt/blouse-Topman

Monday, 27 May 2013

 Hey dudes, it's Zoë here, was a seriously windy day today so I didn't have many photos taken, but here they are!

Crop top -New Look
Socks - Ebay
Blazer - Primark

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hey dudes its Zoë here!
This week the weather was actually great ( quite unusual for england)-- once again wearing my sunglasses that I adooore. I love this dress to! I don't normally wear dresses very often but I fancied a change. :-)

Fishnet top-eBay

Had quite a few looks this week - was in quite a fashion mood -- and it was nice and sunny :)
I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW PLATFORMS!! At a bit of a loss as to what to wear them with though -- only got this outfit for now. its the colour of them its hard to match...

Pink dress - random £5 for everything shop
Olive cardigan - Topshop
Black hat - ebay
Grey maxi skirt - H&M
Kiss top - Ebay
Denim Backpack - Primark
Joy division tee - Ebay
Denim shorts - Levis (the oasis)
BLue velvet shoes -

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hey there guys, it's sister #1 here. Here are some new photos from today! Had to take all of them in the house due to the awful weather :-( 

Love my galaxy and fishnet top!

Galaxy top - Primark
Blink 182 vest top - The Oasis
Fishnet top - ebay

Week 2 - Couldn't go outside today as it was raining heavily -- welcome to England :( BUT still managed to get some decent pictures. Loving my blue wig - which wouldn't have fared well in the rain anyway! I also was intending to wear a big bunch of necklaces with the white dress, but I forgot to put them on, so...yeah, bit disappointed about that.

Look #1:
Dress & cardigan - ARK
Belt - New Look
Denim shirt - The Oasis

Look #2:
Denim jacket - Hypnotic
Jeans - Topshop
Converse - Gift from sister
Beanie - EBay

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

These are some photos we took in my house,  love love love this t shirt!

Hey it's sister #1 here
Me and my sister have decided to start this blog as we're both big followers of fashion, so we thought it was time! Here are our first looks that we took photos of last weekend...enjoy!

I luuuuurv these socks and shoes!

Sister number two here -- just a casual outfit tbh - good old flannel shirt, ACDC dress, and denim biker jacket.
You can't actually see but these shoes have a pretty hefty platform, which I love -- I'll add a picture of a close up next week. They were a bargain too! Ditto the necklace.

  • Jacket, flannel shirt, shoes - hypnotic
  • ACDC dress - primark
  • sunglasses - H&M